Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sawat dee kuhp!

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of the blog. I am learning Thai quite slowly while still making some progress. I can read the Thai alphabet (at least the most common of the 44 consonants and 32 and can usually say a word close to correct when reading it in their alphabet (but I usually do not know what it means). I learn maybe three or four words a day just by being around the language, I think I should start studying Thai so I can learn at a much faster pace.

This weekend is going to be quite busy. Two of the Thai girls in Grapevine want to take Stephen and I to some waterfalls about two hours away on Saturday. Thai people are very anxious to show 'farang' (foreigners) their country, which can be quite convenient. (p.s...farang also means guava!). It will probably take the whole day to visit the waterfalls. Sunday I plan to go with Grapevine to one of the Bangkok slums for a new program they have called 'love your neighbor'. I do not yet know if Stephen is going, he doesn't seem to keen to attend. We will be teaching English to kids ranging from 2-12 in underprivileged areas, which will be quite interesting since I cannot teach them in Thai. There will be plenty of pictures on facebook I'm sure.

Tonight is the 4th of July party (albeit it is being held on the 7th) at Grapevine. There will be fireworks, funnel cakes, snacks and games. I made chocolate oatmeal cookies yesterday to bring to the party but they did not set (thanks to the humidity), so they are now in the fridge and hopefully setting.

Midterms are in three weeks and I do not know that Im prepared for them, the professors here are not too consistent when assigning homework and since classes only meet once a week the knowledge does not stay in the mind too long. I also have to buy a different calculator for the midterms, only one type is allowed (I have no idea why though).

This is a short/rushed post so it probably isnt too interesting, but I have to head to class now or I will be late!

kahpkoonkhup! of the cheapest forms of transportation here is a 'sohng tow', which is basically a pickup truck with benches running along the two sides in the back and a tall covering with handrails. Me and Stephen rode on one the other day with 29 other people...imagine fitting 31 people in the back of a pickup! (the thais own the mexicans as far as cramming people into pickups :)

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  1. I am rather pleased with your postings. Additionally I am elated that you are experiencing so very much while you are over there. Much love. ~ jer