Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's becoming a bit difficult to think of new things to blog about, especially now that I have gotten into a routine each week and little actually changes. We did not end up going to the waterfalls on Saturday because one of my professors scheduled a make-up class that day (school runs Monday-Saturday here), but it was cancelled last minute. We were left with an open Saturday, and I cannot honestly remember what we did on that day lol. Sunday, however, is a different story. I went with Grapevine to Bangkok around 8:30am and we attended a Thai Christian church. It was not my cup of tea...and it was pushing two hours long. Plus, everything was in Thai so I did not understand anything anyway. After church, Beth and I went to a little store called 'La Villa' which sells a lot of 'farang' (foreigner) food. They had quite a bit of American food, but it was quite expensive. They sold peaches (the only ones I have seen in Thailand) for around $7 each! Unfortunately I was unable to find Clif Bars there :(

After that, Beth had to teach an English class so I met Lucas, Bernhard, and Megan at a pizza shop nearby. We had to wait until 3pm to go to Love Your Neighbor, so we sat in the restaurat for quite a while. I had a cheese pizza with no cheese :)

When it was time to meet everyone for Love Your Neighbor, we took the Skytrain to Supunkwai and made a lesson plan in a small coffee shop. We then took a taxi to a nearby slum to greet the kids we were going to teach. But,..there was a miscommunication. They did not expect us until next week, so it did not go as planned. The leader of the neighborhood was able to find about 10 kids to participate (there were about 15 teachers!) so they got quite a bit of attention. When we were introducing ourselves, we went around in a circle and said 'My name is (name)' and the children had to repeat what we said. When it was my turn, I said "My name is Adam'...and not a single child repeated after me. My name, for some reason, is extremely difficult for Thai's to say. It has not been pronounced correctly by anyone other than Americans since I arrived here six weeks ago lol. They usually pronounce it 'uhDUHM' with the stress at the end. Fortunately I am the only one around with a name that sounds anything like that so I can still tell when someone is addressing me.

Last night was another Souper Tuesday night. I was excited when one of the Grapevine staff me I could help them prepare the food, so I arrived two hours early and helped with chopping and cooking. The head cook, so to speak, is Mae. She was really happy to have me helping and is enjoyable to be around. After dinner, I washed dishes along with five other people (four thais and one german) for about an hour, the dishes kept coming! It was still really fun though.

Im about to go to my Statics class, so adios for now. Please leave comments, I dont usually reply to them but I really like to receive them. Thanks!

-uhDUHM ;)

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