Monday, June 7, 2010

Yesterday I finally met my international coordinator, she was very nice and well-informed on all of my questions. I had to get a student ID, and therefore had to go somewhere to get a special photo, and since I did not know where to go she had two Thai students go with me, their names were Ohm and Nu. They were awesome! After we got my picture they took me to a small place nearby for lunch, and thankfully (!) they were able to order something for me, I had rice and vegetables with soy sauce, it was delicious! They asked if I had uniforms yet and I did not, so they offered to go with me to Bangkok and look for uniforms, I thought that was very nice. We took this thing called the skytrain, its an elevated monorail, once we got to bangkok. We then went to the uniform store (every person in school in Thailand has to wear a uniform, no matter the grade level). Luckily the shopkeeper was not able to rip me off since I had Thai people with me, thank goodness. I got two pairs of dress pants, two oxford shirts, a tie, and a belt for under $40. Not bad lol. We went back to school and they went and got two of their friends and we went to a pet market, which sold every type of pet imaginable. Clearly, I was not a fan of that place...but nevertheless we were there lol. Then we went to the nearest place to eat, a house/roadside-restaurant and they ordered me the same thing as I had for lunch. It was pretty good! One of the guys I was with, Pok, just got back from being a monk for a month lol. He was very nice, as were the other boys. Right now I am in an internet cafe about 9km from my dorm, there is no internet yet :/ but hopefully it will come soon.

Something I was not expecting before I came to Thailand was the abundance of food. The street my dorm is on is literally lined with street vendors both ways, and even the house/shack things have a little table in front of their front door, showing they will cook for you. Unfortunately every one of these that I have passed have not sold much in the way of vegan food, but if I knew how to ask I'm sure they could whip something up. Oh! I finally found a grocery store, it is called Big C and compares closely to Wal-Mart, ecxept it is much cheaper and has a larger produce section with all sorts of fruits I have never seen before.

Students here, apparently, are expected to wear their uniforms at all times except when in your dorm. I am wearing my uniform now, even though I am in a mall lol, but there are plenty of other people here in school uniform so its not too bad. Ohm told me yesterday that there are three seasons in Thailand: Hot, hotter, and hot shit. lol. It only takes about 30 minutes outside for the uniform to completely soak through, I just hope my classrooms have air conditioning.

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  1. wow. back to wearing uniforms, eh?! funnn! lol.

    hot, hotter, hot shit... hahahaha that's hilarious.

    Try all the fruits and tell me what they are like. If you find a pic online, I can probably tell you what they are called. I'm kind of a fruit nerd!!!

    oh and when i thought i was going to study in Thailand, I found this: which is a site with really helpful phrases and such. I'm sure you have been studying thai, but it still helps!

    and here is a whole bunch of phrases about being vegetarian that you can use with the street vendors and restaurants: