Friday, June 18, 2010

What have I gotten myself into...

All my classes seem to be fairly interesting. All except one, that is. A course I signed up for, Computational Methods in Civil Engineering, is not at all what I thought it was going to be. The catalog description for this course says 'Introduction to programming techniques used to solve problems in Civil Engineering', or something along those lines. The syllabus handed out in class, however, says 'Approximate numerical solutions of systems of linear and nonlinear equations, eignevalue problems, interpolation theory, numerical differentiation and integration, numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations, with computer coding of numerical methods'. Not only is this class going to be like the Differential Equations course I took last year (which consumed most of my time every weeknight for the entire semester), but it is a mixed undergraduate/graduate level course. The catalog failed to mention that. The class is comprised of 19 undergraduates and 26 graduate students. The only difference is that the graduate students have a project due at the end of the semester. Furthermore, I learned from a different professor that only 10% of the students in each class at SIIT are allowed to receive an 'A'. I have a feeling that that 10% will be mostly graduate students. I believe I will be able to manage this course, but at a price; it will probably consume much of my time this semester, and will not result in a high mark. The real kicker is that I cannot drop this course, nor can I drop any course, for that matter. Foreign students cannot, for any reason, drop a course once enrolled in it. It has something to do with fees that are not included in our program benefits, so it is not tolerated. That is why foreign students have the privilege of merely observing classes for the first two weeks before deciding to register for them. I foolishly did not take advantage of this privilege, and only now see the reason for it. Argh :/

Moving on to a better subject; STEVEN IS COMING TODAY!! His flight is arriving in Bangkok around 11:20 tonight and I am meeting him there to take him back to my dorm. I talked to the dude downstairs who owns this building and he said its alright if Steven stays for however long he wants, as long as he agrees to pay rent and such. This is not only good news for me, but also for anyone who cares to follow this blog, since he is bringing a camera :)

A few of my friends invited me (and Steven) to go to an ancient city about two hours away this weekend. I can say the city name but probably cannot spell it...something like Appathya. I do not know anything about that place, other than its distance from here lol. There will be pictures, so dont worry. I know you are dying for pictures, mother ;)


  1. It was a pleasant surprise to run across your blog today, Adam. I admire your willingness to go with the flow there - it will enhance your experience and endear you to the wonderful people of Thailand. I'm sure you've already learned the expression "mai pen rai," (meaning nevermind, don't worry about it, it's not important) and I urge you to keep it as a mantra when dealing with Thai ways, because they give "quirky" a whole new meaning! It will come back to benefit you many times over.

    Your unsolicited advice for the day:
    1) Stay hydrated, you can't drink enough H2O
    2) Keep some Immodium handy - you WILL need it, eventually
    3) Do not show anger if at all possible - you will lose "face"

    Best of luck to you from an older adventurer in the Land of Smiles. I hope you had a good day in Ayuttaya - the ruins there are magnificent!

    Feel free to check into my Thailand blog - maybe I can help you avoid some newcomer mistakes. Been there 13 extended times, myself.

  2. I guess it would have been more polite to give you my blog address along WITH the invitation, sorry:

  3. oh noooo that class sounds ridiculously hard... I know you're super smart and can handle it though. Good luck Adam!

    And hooraaaayyyyy for Steven coming! (and pictures, lol!) I'm sure it will be awesome to have him there!

    I love your blog and i look forward to more posts and pictures!