Saturday, June 5, 2010

Silence. The first thing I noticed about Thailand. The plane was not able to connect to a terminal outlet, so a shuttle came to collect the passengers. Disembarking into the hot humid air, there was not a sound to be heard, save the distant roll of thunder in the heavy dark clouds draped over the city. The shuttle bus was no different. It weaved in and out of airplanes (both parked and moving) as it made its silent way to the terminal. I think I could have heard a pen drop from the other side of the airport as I entered its ghostly grasps. But that was the last time I heard silence. The taxi driver I had talked nonstop as we headed to my dormitory, he wanted to know everything about me that there was to know, including what street I lived on in Nashville lol (don't worry, I did not give away anything personal!). Once I got to the dormitory, it was a little after midnight, I was not sure how to get in. Luckily I saw a guard sloped in a chair near the entrance, who spoke very very little english, and was able to help me. He did not understand me but he simply lead me to a room for me to stay in for the night. The lights did not work in that room (and it smelled completely disgusting) so he lead me to a different room which was a little better and let me stay the night there. This morning when I got up from my bed as soon as it began to be light outside (I didn't wake up, I have not been able to sleep for two days), I went out to look at what was not visible last night. By the way, this dorm I am in is not what you are thinking of when I say dorm. All the hallways are open to the air, and so is the staircase. It is hot and muggy in the halls and therefore hot and muggy in the rooms. The room key works in such a way that the air conditioning is only on if you are in the room. So when you return, it is hot as hell lol. ALso, inside the room there are two beds that are right next to eachother so it seems like one large bed, which im sure will be a bit strange for both me and my roomate when he arrives. The bathroom is on the balcony... you open the balcony then go to the side and open another door to get to the bathroom. But thats not the weirdest part. The showerhead is just over the toilet, and there is not a thing to contain the water, it just goes all over the bathroom and into a drain. It gets the toiled soaked...Idk that i like that setup. Anyway, when I looked outside, there were buildings all around me, mostly dilapidated. I went to the only place I recognized...a 7/11 station, to get water and toothpaste (to be continued)


  1. I know what you mean about eerie silence in Int'l was the same for me in Munich, but then once out of the terminal, a whole other world. When Ryan stayed at a hostel in Turkey they had the same bathroom setup and he was not a fan of it either. :hugs: I guess the shower simply will not be a luxurious experience for you for the next quite a few months :) Love ya ~ jer

  2. Wow, this sounds like quite an experience! And your dorm sounds.... um.... interesting! LOL! I hope you get another camera soon so you can take pics!!!!!!! Now go find some vegan food and fruit vendors!!!!!