Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Sunday, Steven, Bow, Boy, Coke and I went to Bangkok to see some of Thailand's history. We first went to the Grand Palace, a very touristy place with a lot of flamboyant architecture and color. I think it was built when Bangkok became the capital of Thailand some 200 years ago by King Rama...then again, I might of misinterpreted information. Steven and I took a lot of pictures there, but the internet connection here makes it near impossible to upload them to this blog or facebook. After that, we walked to the main campus of our university and found an out-of-the-way shack that had vegetarian food. We went up a rickety old staircase with a low ceiling to the upper floor, which was very uneven and altogether treacherous. However, it was quaint. You would have like it, mother. They had indian food there (my fav cuisine :) and Coke ordered us something that was very tasty (a photo of this dish will be posted as soon as we go to an internet cafe). After that we walked through a bustling market to the river that divides Bangkok and Tornburi, the previous capital of Siam. We took an extremely exhilerating long-boat into the river and went into a well-used canal. We took tons of pictures of the boat ride, so you will see what Im takling about. We passed all sorts of fruit trees (banana, papaya, mango, tamarind, dragonfruit, and longon) and drifted past a floating market. We did not stop, but it was interesting to see people selling goods in the middle of the canal. We did, however, stop at a huge buddhist pyramid thing that had the steepest steps Ive ever seen. Steven and I walked up them to the top and took several photos. We were very hot and went to get some water by the souvenier stands, and a lady there tried to overcharge for our water. I tried telling her in thai that she was overcharging by quite a large margin, and she lowered the price a little and said I had a short temper lol, I think she was embarrassed that I caught her in the act of dishonesty! Anyway, that was what we did on Sunday. Ive been in class the past two days as Steven has studied arabic in our dorm room. Oh! We went to a very interesting restaurant called (oddly enough) bar-b-q palace. It isnt the type of barbeque you are thinking of lol, you order a whole plate of raw vegetables or meat and there is a little contraption in the middle of the table where you cook the food for yourself. It was very enjoyable, there will be pictures of that too. I will be busy with class and doing things with Steven, so posts wont be as frequent. But they will continue, dont worry ;)


  1. I'm glad you can understand enough thai to realize she was overcharging you. Props!

    and as for the banana, papaya, mango, tamarind, dragonfruit, and longon trees - are they free for all or are they owned by someone!? Tamarind is still a new fruit to me - i just recently started eating it. (i get it at harris teeter actually! Or K&S) I just can't wait to eat mangos there - how much do they cost?!

  2. they were all on private property, though i dont think they would have mind if we went to their door and asked to pick some lol especially if we were to offer them a few cents.

    there is a tamarind tree on campus that is available for eating, as well as coconut trees and cacao trees! they will be in season around december, maybe you will be here around that time?

    mangos are about...mmm...maybe around 50 cents? im not sure, i will check tomorrow for you at the market!