Thursday, June 10, 2010

It took nearly two hours, but I found the night market! It was a bustling brovera of food, clothing, and everything in between. I walked through the stalls for about an hour before deciding on what to eat. I had what looked like chinese noodles with vegetables and egg (i had to remove the egg, of course), but it was really tasty! Oh and I found out how to say tasty in Thai (aroy). I also got some lemon tea, which is pretty much equivalent to limeade. Why they say lemon instead of lime is beyond me. Then I bought some sweet bread with raisins (a whole loaf for around 75 cents!). It rivaled the pan dulce in the mexican bakery on nolensville road. As I was walking, someone stopped me and asked if I was a friend of Bow's (who was an exchange student in Nashville two years ago), he had friend requested me on facebook the previous night. I know that sounds like a chance meeting, but oh well. His name is Boy, and he was with his friends Men and Uh. Men and Uh are freshman and Boy is a senior. They asked if I wanted to join them so I did. I ended up spending the next few hours with them as we went around campus. I ate another dinner with them at a canteen I had never seen before, and Boy ordered me something vegan. I had him write down how to order that, so I can order my own food tomorrow lol. Men is a freshman girl and was fascinated by Lindsey Lohan, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus (spelling?). She was even more fascinated that two of them are from Nashville lol. I have made plans with them for Tuesday, since tomorrow I will be busy with orientation.

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