Monday, June 14, 2010

The initial feeling of lonliness has worn off. Surprisingly I dont feel like there was any culture shock, just a little homesickness. Now that I have made friends and know my way around, and am starting to pick up some of the language, I am really starting to enjoy living here in Thailand! It is really an awesome place to live. Besides the inexpensiveness of its goods, it is wonderful to know that winter will not rear its ugly head this year :D it will be hot all year, and I will be back in the states just in time for summer to start again. The heat is overwhelmingly sweltering, especially with the uniform required for entering the campus, but it is surprisingly bearable if you dont think about it. Being the rainy season, it has rained nearly every day I have been here. BUT! It usually waits until late in the day to rain, when I am already done moseying about the campus. There is a riveting thunderstorm every night in the direction my balcony points, and even though it is too far away to hear the thunder it is relaxing to watch the lightning. Im guessing it is heat lightning, but Im not really sure. There are several places I have found that offer vegetarian (though not always vegan) fare, my favourite of which is about a 30 second walk from my dorm. It is a little roadside 'restaurant'...the tables are all outside and covered by a tarp looking roof. They have a menu in english, though I just tell them what I want in thai (finally committed to memory!) and they whip it up immediately. There have been no more incidents with the iguana things (thank goodness!) but today I saw a dead snake outside my dorm and almost jumped out of my skin at the sight. Besides that, today was a good day. It was my first day of classes, though I only had one class which was fluid dynamics (calculations with moving water). Tomorrow I have hydraulics, which is supposed to be a tough class. Tonight, however, I am meeting my friends Bow, Boy, Min, Uh, and a lot of Bow's friends to go to the night market that is held every Monday and Thursday night on campus. I am really looking forward to it, it is tons of fun walking through all the stalls and seeing what the local vendors are selling. They also usually accompany the market with a concert, and there is a ton of food available for a very low price. For the moment, I am going to swim in the enormous, inviting pool until it is time to meet my friends for the market. Oh one last thing...if you are ever given an oppurtunity to drink avacado nectar...take the chance immediately. The same goes with Lychee sorbet - mmmmmm!!

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