Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Im g0ing to attempt to illustrate what I can see from my balcony in my dorm room, since so many people have asked for pictures and I do not have a camera lol. The dorm is separated from the campus by a highway, and there is a little pedestrian walkway to cross over it. I live on the seventh floor, with the university to my right when looking off the balcony. To the left, you can sometimes see Bangkok off in the distance, especially at night, if the air isnt too hazy with smoke or humidity. A little closer, there are small family farms spotting the landscape. I only recognize two of the crops, one is rice and the other is sugarcane. There is a little river too, with small makeshift bridges over it. Directly in front of me is another dorm, called VKP Mansion. I am jealous because they have internet in that dorm... :( Under me and slightly to the right is a mini mall of sorts, with a 7-11 store, a tailor shop (i think), a sit-down restaurant, and some other shops I cannot read lol. To the right, across the highway, is my campus. I live across from a giant torch (made for the Asian Games, which were held here recently). Luckily it is not lit, else it would be even hotter than it already is! Next to that, there are three huge stadiums diagonally positioned, I havent been inside but I guess they are soccer fields. They were also built for the asian games. There is a fourth stadium, my favorite, which houses two swimming pools. One of them I can see from my room, but the other is olympic sized and is covered. The large one is reserved for the swim team and is not open to the public..fortunately I am going to try out for the swim team so I will get to see it! All throughout campus there are little waterways next to the sidewalks. Mom, you would surely die with pleasure at all the waterfowl lol. Jeremy, Im sure you would love all the asian guys here. Dad, Im pretty sure you would like the food, its spicy so you can taste it lol. Ashley, as you know you would adore all the fruit selections. Jennifer, you would simply hate it. lol.

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