Thursday, June 10, 2010

I finally tried the swimming pool today...which was a success! I didnt have a student ID to get in, so I showed the guard a letter I was mailed a while back from the university. As I had planned, he could not speak english and therefore was unable to understand the letter, but after seeing the university's letterhead he figured it was a temporary pass to use the sports facilities :D So as I walked in, the size of the pool amazed me. It had 14 lanes plus a general swimming area...the Tech pool only has 5 lanes. Also, this pool is outside on a raised platform, covered by a stylish pavillion-style roof and completely open to the air. It is probably one of the best pools I have ever swam in. It is about seven feet deep as far as I can guess and it is nice and cool. It is connected to a huge stadium which houses the aforementioned olympic pool, which I hope to see soon! The whole complex is pretty much across the street from my dorm, so it is convenient to walk to.

On another note, today was the fifth time this week I have ridden on a motorbike. There are university personnel who wear neon green vests that ride around on motorbikes and give rides to students for only 10 Baht...around 30 cents, for anywhere on campus (and the campus is quite enormus). It is very common for there to be more than two people on a motorbike, and helmets are rarely worn. I rode with two others on a small bike the other day, it was pretty exciting lol. Also, there are trollies that are free for students that have a route around campus. I do not know which go where yet, so I have only ridden those twice. There are also taxis everywhere, so it is always easy to get where you are going as long as you can somehow effectively communicate your destination (something I have not thus far succeeded in...)

I have found a place in the cafeteria (called a 'canteen' here) that usually has one vegetarian option every day. Today when I was looking for their veg option, I didnt see anything I could eat. However, the lady remembered me and spooned me up something over rice and I paid for it (only around 16 baht). When I sat down, I realized what she had given me. It was mostly vegetables over rice, but with the vegetables there were slimy brown things. They were jellyfish :/ so today all I have eaten is some shredded wheat I found at the grocery store last week and some gojiberry juice. The night market, open Mondays and Thursdays, opened about a minute ago so if I can find it I will be eating soon :)

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